Welcome to Square Rose! With our extensive experience of over 40 years in the dance industry, we have recognized the necessity for dance school owners and dance parents to have access to high-quality yet affordable dance costumes and dancewear. Our mission is to make the process of costuming a troupe as smooth as possible, while keeping both the parents and dancers satisfied.

As dance school owners ourselves, we understand the challenges involved in ensuring that the dance performances are top-notch and visually appealing, without compromising on the budget or the expectations of parents. It's a delicate balance, and we are committed to helping you achieve it every year.

Square Rose is a family-owned business, and we are proud to be actively supporting the local and national dance industry. Our passion for dance drives us to provide you with the best products and services to enhance your dance experience.

We believe in the potential of all dancers and look forward to witnessing the incredible achievements you can make. Whether you are a seasoned performer or just starting on your dance journey, Square Rose is here to support and empower you to reach new heights in the world of dance.