How to measure your dancer:

Girth- Around the entire body from between the legs to over the shoulder.
Chest - Around the entire chest a the fullest part of the body in the chest area.
Waist - Around the waist in line with the belly button.
Hips - Around the entire hips and bottom at the fullest part.
Things to take into account when using the Sizing Guide.

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all body shapes and sizes when fitting dance costumes. So please take into account the information below to help with choosing the right size.

1) These costumes usually need to fit the dancer for a full year so if the dancer is still growing. Consider allowing between 3 to 5 cm extra girth and 1-2 cm chest, hips and waist.
2) The Girth is the main measurement with one piece costumes, like leotard's and biketard's. So double check you have it right and add any needed for growth.
3) If the growing dancer is between sizes always go for the larger size for them to grow into it.
4) If unsure we advise you make a sample order to check the sizing.

If you are having trouble working out your size, let us know -